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Our Services


Mr. Higgins has been lobbying before the Nevada Legislature for over a decade.

We take the time to understand our clients specific issue and work with the client both prior to

and during the session to ensure we meet the goals set forth by the client. whether it is passing

issue specific legislation; working to defeat legislation detrimental to the client; working in a

coalition with other parties; or  monitoring issues relating to the clients’ business.


If you need access to any level of local government official, STH has the relationships

to provide you with this access to the decision-makers and to follow through to

ensure that our clients issues are heard and acted upon. We have over 25 years

experience dealing with local government in Southern Nevada.


STH has been involved in hundreds of land use issues in the Las Vegas valley for the

past two decades. Everything from zoning matters to special use permits. We have

the knowledge to assist with the application process, neighborhoods meeting, public meetings,

and of course putting you in front of the right people at the local level.


The principals of STH have overseen literally hundred of privileged license applications

in the State of Nevada. Whether it is the Nevada Gaming Control Board and Commission;

Nevada Division of Health; or any local Southern Nevada jurisdiction.


STH principal previously worked as Capitol Hill for the former Senator from Nevada as his

Housing, Banking and Urban Affairs legislative assistant. We work in concert with our contacts

in Washington to ensure our clients have access to the appropriate people within the federal government;

whether in Congress or the various federal agencies.


 Mr. Higgins has been involved in transactions ranging from

stock purchases to asset purchases. He has also negotiated and documented

 hundreds of real estate transactions.


Whether you are looking for strategic partners, introductions to the right companies to

further your business interests, or assistance in solving business related issues in Nevada,

with over 25 years of operating in Nevada our principals have the expertise to assist

or the connection to know who does.